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phpGrid provides professional-looking Ajax-enabled grid-based editing, create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations for Web developers in as little as two lines of code. It features cross-browser inline editing, support for all HTML form controls, integrated search toolbar, a master detail data grid, image display, MS Excel and HTML data export, permission control, a theme roller, built-in record sorting by any column, support for major databases including MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle, support for large database record sets, and WYSIWYG and Ajax file upload.

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phpGrid Lite WordPress Plugin now available 24 Jul 2011

The plugin is based on phpGrid Lite, a free version of phpGrid, to create fully customizable dynamic, database-driven datagrid/table in WordPress. ...

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Release Notes: This is a major release with many new features and enhancements. New features: composite primary key support, autocomplete control, sortable row, nested/drill-down editable subgrid, a column chooser, Excel mode, global theme and debug, two new great looking premium themes, a new row level permission function, and many bugfixes. The master detail feature has been massively enhanced. In the back-end, this release adds an SQL Server Native driver and DB2 DSN-less connectivity support.

  •  20 Apr 2013 08:39

Release Notes: This release addresses a few bugs and added a number of new features. The ODBC generic driver is now supported, as it works better in Unix environments for some databases such as MS SQL. A set_grid_method function was added. jqGrid 4.4.5, jQuery 1.9.0, and jQuery UI 1.10 are now supported. Column freeze is now supported. File upload can now be activated with a double click on a row in form edit mode. Minor bugs were fixed.

  •  23 Jan 2013 03:36

Release Notes: File uploading now works when adding new a record. Conditional format is now working with rows without a preexisting cell format. Subgrid now supports filter methods.

  •  14 Jan 2013 22:58

Release Notes: This is a path release. It fixes an array index out of bound bug in the set edittype function. It removes control validation logic for master/detail INLINE mode since this is no longer a limitation. It removes a redundant include statement in the datagrid class that was causing unnecessary errors in some systems.

  •  10 Jan 2013 06:52

    Release Notes: This is a major release with many new features and important bugfixes. The array data source is now (finally) supported. Virtual columns aka calculated field, toolbar search dropdown, custom data validation, and PDF and CSV export are now supported. Array parameters for dynamic links are now supported. Performance for large data sets was optimized. Master Detail INLINE edit now works in the master grid. An issue where $grid was not defined was fixed. set_col_edittype now works with non-integer keys. There were other minor fixes.

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    30 Mar 2012 06:57 qaz002

    Really good software. 'Even with little programming background, one can develop professional looking' it's true

    27 Feb 2012 22:01 azghanvi

    Yeah, but site says ... Features including edit, master detail, grouping, and reference to multiple databases are only available in paid versions.

    Sadly, sounds like Edit feature is not allowed. So if someone is looking to play with readonly mode ... lite version may work.

    Otherwise ... seems to be a nice alternate.

    14 Jan 2012 21:12 Avatar phpGrid Thumbs up

    phpGrid Lite version is totally free.

    15 Dec 2011 18:22 azghanvi

    Incase, some one is looking for a free alternate ...

    11 Dec 2010 15:30 majoi03

    hello!...I'm new for creating a datagrid in php..can u plz teach meh how to do it...


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